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Unravel the conspiracies enshrouding the turmoil-ridden city of Ombre in Masquerada, a tactical action RPG set in a lush 2.5D Venetian fantasy world of masks and magic. Players will follow the trails of the Inspettore, Cicero Gavar, who returns from exile to solve a kidnapping that threatens to bring Ombre’s chaos to a boiling point. Masquerada is now available on Windows, Mac, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, with a Nintendo Switch edition in development.

The War

Citte della Ombre. A city divided by songs and shadows.

The Masquerada, aristocrats of the Citte, have hoarded the destructive magic granted by ancient Mascherines to oppress the Contadani, the ones who have nothing.

Those who long for more have pushed back, stealing Mascherines for themselves to aid a rebel movement; these men and women have become known by the Citte as Maskrunners.

Thus has a grave and prolonged civil war dragged deep scars across Ombre, even as dark mysteries concerning the Mascherines slowly unveil themselves…

Lead five flawed members of the Masquerada into the battlefield in a struggle for truth and faith

Explore pauseable real-time combat and strategic magic synergies across three character classes

Inflict debilitating status effects with elemental combos, like fire and water mixed into blinding steam

Enhance your party’s combat mastery with skill trees, spell modifiers and flanking tactics

The Citte

The Citte is carved out carefully for all of the guilds that make up the Masquerada, with the scraps going to the Contadani. Among those who would do business or war in the Citte, the only way to survive is to achieve a mastery of natural skills, termed by scholars as the Media.

There are seven different types of Media: singing and instrumental music, war dance and theatrical dance, drawings and carvings, and even intellectual exploration. All forms of the Media aid the Masquerada in channeling the powers of the Mascherines with more finesse.

These forms of artistry are neatly harnessed into combat forms used by the roguish Sicario, master of theatrical movement; the monolithic Pavisierre, damage-soaking war dancer; and the bardic Dirge, composer of symphonic subjugation.

It is this divide that clearly delineates the differences in skill levels between the guilds of the Masquerada and the untrained Maskrunners. However, there is more to be said about the cultural differences between the leaders of Seimora’s Crown, and much more about something else, something foreign and fey…

The Cast

Cicero Gavar

Cicero grew up in the harsh streets where the lower classes of Ombre languished. Fortunate happenstances saw him secure a position among the Portieri, and as he rose to the elite rank of Inspettore, he became comfortable – until confronted by his brother, Cyrus, who championed freedom for the lower classes against the Masquerada. Cicero’s choices were to turn against the Masquerada, or kill his brother. Unable to make the call, Cicero was deemed a traitor to the Masquerada and was exiled from the Citte.

At the behest of the Vaorone, Cicero now faces an unwelcome return to Ombre to investigate the kidnapping of a certain Regenti. The Inspettore must rely on his sharp intellect and unparalleled proficiency in the Media to unravel the mysteries ahead of him…

Amadea Invidius

Amadea is a young, reclusive woman who centres her life upon the study of the Dimenticate, the enigmatic civilization whose time came millennia before Ombre’s. Her intense, warm fascination with lifeless ruins and ancient culture contrast starkly with her acerbic attitude to the living, breathing people present before her. As a member of the Dieci Sovrani, she has developed an exacting, mercenary attitude to relationships and exchanges.

While she vastly prefers the company of dusty tomes to bury her nose into, Amadea has come into the company of the Inspettore’s investigation team, as the clues left across the trail of the kidnapped Regenti appear to bear ties to the very things she has studied so intently…

Kalden Azrus

A sincere man who is determined to guard his friends and family fiercely, and his secrets even more so. Kalden is a Mariner in the Sorelle del Mare, and his guild’s affinity for altruism extends to his life’s work at the orphanage known as the Sailheart. His heart opens with effusive warmth for the children whose life he shepherds, but years of living in Ombre have taught him to take great care in exposing such facets of himself.

Much as he would rather wash his hands of the politics of Ombre, the only reason Kalden has become caught up in Cicero Gavar’s investigation is a simple matter of blood, for the missing Regenti is none other than Kalden’s estranged brother.

Tiziana De Felici

Tiziana’s identity is deeply intertwined with her membership in the Luca Infinita and its ethos of discipline and strength. Unfortunately, the brilliant golden armour she dons does not reflect a shining heart beneath. Tiziana expresses affection only for the Luca’s definition of justice, no matter the cost to her own life, to society or to the political stage. Any other causes espoused to the Marshal are met only with stale platitudes and excuses born of regulations.

The Registry’s summoning of the war criminal Cicero Gavar to assist in its private investigations has earned it the curiosity of Seimora’s Crown; it is to sate this curiosity that Tizana has been sent to be a part of the investigation. Unsurprisingly, though, she has been presented by the Crown as simply an ‘aide’. How long her true purpose will remain masked is another question entirely.

Vasco Tessitore

In a world of shadows and deception, Vasco is an anomaly. He is loud, flamboyant and witty. Vasco exudes confidence and is rarely shaken, for attention is his drug, and he is not afraid to let others know it. Every moment he spends around others is a moment worthy of a performance, and with his flippant mouth and flute in hand, perform he does. Those who work with him in the Labores Solis often wonder about the darkness that lies behind what must surely be a facetious façade.

Within the Labores, Vasco serves an elusive information dealer known only as the Bloodless, and it is in this capacity that he gets involved in Cicero Gavar’s investigations, but Vasco’s intentions for Cicero lie far beyond the mere provision of information.

Lucia Shuria

A fellow Inspettore and former comrade to Cicero, Lucia holds strongly to faith. Not to religion, specifically, but the ability to put her trust in things that are yet unseen and unknown. Lucia is not a woman who is easily swayed, and draws immense strength from her beliefs and faith. Her performance as an Inspettore draws great attention and persuasion through this strength, for nothing impresses the faithless of Ombre more than one who believes.

Assigned to investigate the rising threats and disturbances made by the Maskrunners in recent months, Lucia lacks the ability to personally assist with Cicero’s investigation into the kidnapped Regenti. However, she often takes the time to clue Cicero in on everything she knows – or, at least, everything she believes she knows…

Avestus Aliarme

Ironically, despite being the ruler of arguably one of the most complicated cities in the world of Tenebre, Avestus’ motto is simple: he will sacrifice anything to obtain valuable results. Such a philosophy has brought him great precision and clarity, at the natural cost of moral and ethical considerations. Only a place like Ombre would cherish such ease of decision-making, allowing him to ascend to and retain his seat upon the throne of the Registry.

Despite often being seen as having a heart of stone, Avestus’ intentions are sincere, for all he does, he does for Ombre. He will commit to whatever it takes to help his Citte survive – even if it means bringing back a criminal like Cicero Gavar.

Tristan Delzole

Tristan is a kind and straightforward soldier who desires simplicity in his life. Unfortunately, his position in the world has denied him any semblance of it. Being the leader of the Portieri has charged him with the welfare and the lives of many men and women, leaving him to make oft-unpopular calls.

Tristan may be an old friend of Cicero’s, but in sticky situations, Tristan has always tended to align with what is best for the majority, which often puts him at odds with Cicero. In particular, the Portieri’s ongoing zero-tolerance campaign against Maskrunner assaults continues to rankle Cicero, what with his innate desire to help the Maskrunners…

Lissandra Rorik

Lissandra, the brusque leader of the Maskrunner band known as the Malecarte, is a hardened woman well familiar with loss. Having accepted it as part of her lot, she uses loss as a constant and bitter reminder of what she is fighting to change, and whom exactly she fights for. The fate of the Maskrunners, her one true family, gives her the strength to carry on against the Masquerada.

The late Cyrus Gavar, Cicero’s brother, was once Lissandra’s leader at the onset of the civil war between the Maskrunners and the Masquerada. Cyrus’ death at the hands of the Portieri, however, has left Lissandra with an axe to grind against the surviving Gavar…

Mira Bas

Many lack the words to describe Mira, the blind, beautiful Songstress in charge of the Hall of Songs, save that she leaves a magical sort of impression. After all, such intimacy with the trials and tribulations of death does not leave one untouched. She exudes a profound peace that comes only to one who has not just accepted the role of death, but has embraced it and has allowed it to free her from mortal fear.

Mira played a crucial role in lifting Cicero Gavar out of his impoverished past. When the weight of the Citte looms heavily upon the shoulders of the Inspettore, a word with Mira may be in order.

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